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Photoshop Lens Flares


20 Lens Flares for Photoshop to make your images awesome!

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Product Description

20 Lens Flares for Photoshop.

A variety of different kinds of lens flares from futuristic looking all the way through to a simple glow.

Lens flares can be used to both enhance a light source as well as adding the flare that comes with it. This gives you the ultimate lighting enhancement kit for your photos. Make the lights in your photos awesome!


Lens Flares included in the pack are:


35mm Blue Spike Oval

35mm Blue Spike

85mm Pink

Basic Spot – Orange

Blue Stripes

Bright Light

Basic Flare

Large Stripe Ball

Lens Flare Spread

Lens Flare Spread 1

Lens Flare Spread 2

Multi Stripe Ball

Red Ball Flare

Soft Blue Glow

Soft Pink Glow

Stage Lights

Stripe Ball

Stripe Flare


Using the lens flares is extremely easy and will add instant awesomeness to your photos.


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