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Complete Band Composite Tutorial Video


Complete band composite tutorial


2 Videos included in the download

  • Shooting, lighting and planning your composite – 7 minutes
  • Editing and putting it all together – 33 minutes

Videos come in mp4 format allowing them to be viewed on any device

Product Description

Shooting composites is much easier than most people think it is.  It all comes down to planning, knowing your light, and good editing.  In this band composites tutorial I show you how I light a band for a composite as well as showing you my thought process on how I pose the individual members to ensure that the finished composite looks good and realistic.  Then I take you with me into photoshop where I put the finished composite image together.


From planning, lighting, posing, and editing.  The complete band composite tutorial video.  Everything you need to get started using composites when photographing bands, or anyone for that matter.  It’s easier than you probably thought it was.