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37 Light Leak Texture Overlays


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37 Light Leaks – Overlay Pack

  • Works with all layer supported versions of Photoshop
  • 300 dpi
  • 12000 x 8000 pixels

Simply place on image, change blending mode to Screen or Linear Dodge (Add) and viola!  Combine with other to make your images even more awesome!

Product Description

37 Light Leak texture overlays for Photoshop. This overlay pack works with all layer supported versions of Photoshop. Simply place the overlay onto the image that you would like to use and change the blending mode to either Screen or Linear Dodge (Add). The native resolution of the overlays is very large to allow you to use them on almost any image size without any loss of quality. The colour and saturation can be adjusted by clipping a hue/sat layer to the overlay.

A wide variety of light leak overlays with some having the brightest light on the edge while others have it in the middle. This gives you a lot of options when combining different overlays together to create the look that you want.

The overlays are 300 dpi and 12000 x 8000 pixels giving you a very large file to work with. Use a part of the overlay, or resize and use the entire overlay. The choice is yours, these will just help you make you images more awesome!

1 review for 37 Light Leak Texture Overlays

  1. 5 out of 5

    I love tinkering around in photoshop, there’s so much you can do to your images, that you could often find yourself getting carried away. My favourite tools are adjustment layers and filter effects because of the amount of tweaks they allow the user to play with. Another favourite is overlays, these can be of blur and zoom effects or even used for double exposure images.
    On first impressions the size of the files are a bit too big, at 20000 pixels, there’s more than enough room to position, crop and stretch the light leaks over your existing images but in my case they required resizing for the purpose I wanted to use them for. There is an option of just 2 main colours, Green/Blue and Orange/red but again these can be changed using adjustment layers to suit.
    I found the light leak images didn’t have the ‘leakage’ like others that I’ve used which meant that they wouldn’t suit some photo’s but then again that all depends on where you intend to apply them.
    The ones I did use however worked like a charm. I applied a couple to some nature shots I have and was suitably impressed with how my images popped with just a few adjustments and I found they worked better using the ‘screen’ layer effect and I think it was just down to how I wanted my images to look and feel. Other users might find that the recommended layer style works well for them.
    Overall, the light leak overlays are an addition to my filter library and I’m sure I will use more of them in the future, they are big enough for the largest of photos and adjustable for a lot of editing projects.

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