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George is an award winning editorial and advertising portrait photographer based in the UK. George has photographed some of the biggest names in music such as Twenty One Pilots and Alice Cooper for magazines like Kerrang and Rocksound. George created BeMoreGeorge as a tongue in cheek answer to photographers not shouting about how awesome they are enough. George is a working professional photographer that wants to inspire other photographers to take control of their business and be more awesome.

BEMOREGEORGE | Episode 2: Interview With Award Winning Wedding Photographer Scott Johnson

By | April 5th, 2017|Be More George - The Podcast of photography AWESOMENESS|

    In today's episode we talk with award winning wedding photographer Scott Johnson.  Scott started out as a photographer on cruise ships before finding his way into a hugely successful career as a wedding photographer.  In this episode Scott talks to us about everything from having a memory card fail at a wedding through [...]

Photoshop Quick Tip | Remove Fringing From Cutouts for Composites

By | March 29th, 2017|Photoshop Tutorials|

  Remove Fringing in Photoshop If you do any composites in Photoshop, you almost certainly run into the problem of fringing around your cutouts.  What is fringing?  Fringing is when you see a white (typically) line around the cutout that you made.  This is usually the result of feathering the cutout or smoothing the [...]

BEMOREGEORGE | Episode 1: Are You Thinking Like a Business or Just as a Photographer

By | March 29th, 2017|Be More George - The Podcast of photography AWESOMENESS|

  Are you thinking like a business, or just as a photographer?  Too many photographers think of themselves as a photographer who happens to make money taking pictures.  We should be thinking of ourselves as a business that happens to make money taking pictures.  If we aren't thinking of ourselves as a business first, we probably [...]